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Emerald Property Project

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Building an affordable and inclusive community

Falmouth is looking to transform the properties at #67 and #81 Davisville Road to include a new affordable housing development and the town's first ever all-inclusive, multi-generational play space, while preserving the existing historic Emerald House and community gardens. The proposed Emerald Properties Project is intended to bring these multiple uses together in a cohesive way while respecting the character of the existing neighborhood.

Preserving & Reinventing Emerald Properties

The site at #67 Davisville Rd, otherwise known as the “Emerald House Property”, is 4.92 acres, and is home to the historic Emerald House. Acquired in 1995 for public recreation and conservation, this property can only be used for those purposes. Any other purpose would require Town Meeting and State Legislature approvals. Meanwhile, #81 Davisville Rd, otherwise known as the “Rapoza Property”, is 3.92 acres, and is currently undeveloped. This property, acquired in 2007 for public recreation and municipal purposes would allow for a range of uses.

Public Benefits

Affordable Housing

This development will add a currently undetermined number of units of high-quality housing in Falmouth for individuals and families with low and moderate incomes.

Historic Preservation

The intent is to save the historic Emerald House, now serving as the Cape Cod Cape Verdean Museum and Cultural Center.

Open Space

By limiting development to the front areas of the properties, the proposed project will retain approximately 4 acres of open space.

 Emerald Property Project location

What's in the Works

Falmouth is looking to transform the properties at 67 and 81 Davisville Road. The goal is to create a vibrant affordable development with an all-inclusive, multi-generational public playground that will complement the existing historic "Emerald House" and community gardens. This "Emerald Properties Project" is intended to help address the ongoing affordable housing issue in town, provide a needed accessible play space, respect the historic significance of the property, and continue to provide a place for the community of all ages to use and enjoy.

What's There Now

The 4.92-acre property at 67 Davisville Road currently contains the Cape Cod Cape Verdean Museum and Cultural Center, located in the historically significant former "Emerald House", and the Emerald House Community Gardens. Meanwhile, the 3.95-acre property at 81 Davisville Road is currently wooded and undeveloped.

What's Happening Next

The project team is in the preliminary planning stage - nothing has been decided yet. Public feedback is a very important part of this initiative and will take place on this website and via paper surveys. Please explore this website for more information about the process, ways to subscribe for email updates, and options for providing your feedback or asking questions.


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